At Breathment, we strive to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all of all ages parallel to the UN's third sustainable development goal. We think that technologies, which are beneficial for our society and public health, must be easy to use, accessible and available. In addition, sustainable non-pharmaceutical and non-operative treatments, which support people with disabilities to return to society and working life, are very crucial to reducing the health expenditure in an aging society. Therefore, Breathment believes in the democratization of advanced technologies such as AI to help health professionals to give the best possible digital treatment to people in need. For this purpose, Breathment’s vision is to create the first ever AI-based no-code software platform for health professionals for transforming their (physical and breathing therapy) treatment processes into the digital world to tailor their treatment according to the individual needs of their patients. In this way, health professionals can stay connected with their patients, and optimize the treatment by using data-driven patient performance and well-being evaluation powered by the AI. With this approach, they will be able to treat patients without being limited by geographical boundaries and capacity problems. As a result, every health professional who wants to offer digital, personalized, data-driven and structured treatments for their patients will use Breathment, joining its growing ecosystem.

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